Becca and Anoush in Olympia

Rebecca and Anoush Anou came by in October and spent five days in our guest room. It was fun hanging out but due to my intensifying back problem setting up to do a shoot was very difficult so we did a short session here at the house and at the studio space. Probably about a half hour each.


Two images accepted for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

I've been an event photographer for SEAF for six years. Always a great time and a chance to see some incredible art and people watch. I haven't really entered much in the past as I don't really see my work as "Erotic". As the juries change every year you never know how they might select the art that particular year. They said they had over 500 artists submit so it doesn't sound as though they were hard up.

The first on selected was this photograph of Candace Nirvana taken at Hotelito in Todos Santos, Mexico.

The second image is also of Candace Nirvana, this time in Sequoia National Park. In total I submitted five images and no the other three were not of Candace.


Messing with the "Wet Plate" and distressed look.