Ambere #2


I finally had a chance to works with Ambere again, as she has moved back to the Northwest. The first two shots are of her in an antique kimono that belonged to a friend of hers.


Candace at The Loft

We went to a loft that was owned by a friend of mine. It was pretty rough but very nice space. After I shot with Candace I ended up leasing the space and now it's my studio. Here's one photo from our shoot and one of how the loft looks now.

Candace in the grass


Candace was visiting for a few days in September. She's great to hang with as so many already know. She's now retired from traveling (for modeling) A loss for us but the best to her on her new phase. The first set is from our guestroom. Just a chair, a window and a talented model.



Vassanta in graceful poses. My first impression was that the feel was so fluid that it seemed as though she was gliding through water. She can make an incredibly graceful images out of such commonplace backgrounds.



Rebecca (again) in office 516 in the Security Building. this time three more through the office door window.


Rebecca (crime scene)

Rebecca and I shot in an empty office #516. After a few shots we thought that we should have brought chalk to outline the body. I must say that the "body" was left in some very artistic positions. 10-4.....

Vassanta (Ukraine)

"Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out"
Vassanta and I wandered along a small river close to my house and she kept remarking how familiar it felt to where she grew up in Ukraine. She knew flowers, trees, berries and wild herbs from home. It was fun imagining her as a small girl playing in the woods...


Vassanta (Fence)

Vassanta and I started our shoot together using the backyard fence as a backdrop. Vassanta can hit as many great poses as one could ever want. She is a shapely and sultry model and I love her Russian accent as well. It had been two years since our last shoot.



I had the pleasure of having Rebecca and Vassanta staying with me for a few days.
We had fun hanging out and threw in a few shoots as well.