Meghan @ Casa Dracula

We had a drawing to pair up models and photographers for a free hour long shoot as compensation for the photographers chipping in for some of the model's expenses. I was lucky to pull Meghan's name from the hat and we got together and spent an hour at Casa Dracula and took advantage of it's funky decor and beautiful lighting.

The group photo from our get together im Todos Santos Mexico

A group of great and talented friends.


Mexico 2011

The annual get together of Models and Photographers was held in Todos Santos on the Baja Penninsula. There were a lot of new faces on both sides of the camera this year. We arrived on the 23rd of October and I left on the 2nd of November. The weather was beautiful but very hot (mid 90's) during the middle of the day so only the crazy, of which there were a few ventured out in the midday sun. The rest usually headed to the "Beer and Taco" places or laid in the pool. On my first day of scouting with Candace I came across an old conch cannery a few miles south of town. We didn't explore it on that day but made it back a couple of times to shoot. These photos are from my shoot with Anoush, a beautiful model from Australia and a pleasure to work with.



On Sunday I had a chance to work with a new model Samii. She's done some modeling but said this was her first Fine Art Nude work. Talked a lot to her about small movements and how it can change the outcome entirely just on how a finger or hand is positioned.


Empty Office

A few more from my photo shoot with Jazmine on February 7th. Shot in the Security Building in two different empty offices.


Perfect Days

Having another opportunity to work with my friend and muse Jazmine makes for a perfect day. Not just the modeling but the time to spend together talking about life and experiences and plans for the future. I love having friends that when you get together after months or years pass by, you can pick it up in a second from when you last left off. Jazmine is one of those people in my life.