The ruins again

At the ruins with the girls. Two fun women that rent office space from me for their esthetician/waxing business asked me to photograph them nude for display in their reception area for Olympia's Art Walk weekend. We wanted to keep them fairly modest as their clientele is very mixed young/old, liberal/conservative so we chose photos that don't necessarily show the "naughty bits" It was a fun time with mimosas for breakfast. The display included a number of my other images of Candace, Jazmine, Vassanta and Ida Mae. Sold all of the photos of my tenants to freinds of theirs. Great night!


Color or Black and White?

Sometimes it's hard to decide.
Claudine @ Casa Dracula, Todos Santos, Mexico


Titania in the studio

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with Titania, a model that was recommended by Carlotta. She was fun to hang out with and am glad she sought me out for a shoot.



Stephanie Anne in Todos Santos

I've shot a lot with my friend Stephanie but she never ceases to amaze me with her style and grace.